Yamaha Creates New Marine External Affairs Division

Yamaha announced the creation of a new Marine External Affairs Division designed to strengthen government affairs activities, increase sustainability efforts and improve external communications. Martin Peters assumes the role of Division Head, leading all of Yamaha Marine’s external affairs initiatives, including government relations, corporate social responsibility/sustainability, and Yamaha Marine’s communications and video teams.

“The Marine External Affairs division, under the proven leadership of communications veteran Martin Peters, gives Yamaha the opportunity to expand the marine industry’s sustainability initiatives and advocacy efforts while paving the way for growth. and innovation,” said Ben Speciale, president of Yamaha US Marine Business. Unity. “Going forward, this division will continue to promote Yamaha Marine products and technology while bringing the voice of our industry to Washington D.C. and state legislatures as we work to ensure the conservation of waterways and the fishing in the United States, promoting responsible fishing practices and maintaining access to waterways. »

In addition to communications and advocacy, the Marine External Affairs Division also includes all Yamaha Rightwaters initiatives. Launched in the United States in 2019, Yamaha Rightwaters is an international sustainability program that champions environmental stewardship and supports the protection, management, and restoration of marine habitat through education, scientific research, and community development. partnerships to ensure healthy marine ecosystems for generations to come.

Under the Yamaha Rightwaters banner, the Yamaha US Marine business unit is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030. With manufacturing facilities in six states and offices or other facilities in two others, Solar installation projects are underway as part of the first phase of the plan.

Peters joined Yamaha in 2006 and has been instrumental in building Yamaha Rightwaters’ government relations, advocacy, conservation and sustainability efforts for Yamaha US Marine Business Unit. In his new role as Division Head of Marine External Affairs, he will continue to lead teams that create communications strategies that support the marine brand. Peters reports to Ben Speciale, president of the Yamaha US Marine business unit.

Shirlene J. Manley