Thiruvananthapuram: Truth will come out in gold smuggling case, says Foreign Minister S Jaishankar | News from Thiruvananthapuram

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Minister of Foreign Affairs S Jaishankar said on Sunday that “the truth will come out” about breaches of protocol that occurred at the UAE consulate in Thiruvananthapuram.
While answering questions about gold smuggling through the UAE Consulate in Thiruvananthapuram, the Foreign Minister said: “The Foreign Ministry is well aware of the problem. Whatever happened should not happen.”
He said that the whole country knew about what happened in the consulate of a foreign country. “But, I will not comment further on this since the matter is before the court. I will say that people should have behaved according to the law and respect propriety when dealing with the consulate of a foreign country” , did he declare.
Jaishankar said the Indian government has always supported Sri Lanka and is trying to help the neighboring country which is facing a crisis. “They are solving their problems, so we have to wait and see what they do. This is a very serious crisis, and it has grown over the years. The answers in Sri Lanka are in Sri Lanka. Lanka,” he said.
They have to overcome their financial crisis on their own. We have been their greatest supporters, but they will have to find the solution to their crisis. I believe they have already started discussions on this subject. They must restructure their policies to reduce debts and solve problems with lenders, he added.
“India has always been friendly to its neighbors and as a friend we have provided enough support to Sri Lanka over the past few months. Till date we have provided aid to the tune of 3.8 billions of dollars. Our goal is to help the people of this country now,” Jaishankar said.
When asked if the country was facing a refugee crisis, the Foreign Minister said that there was no refugee crisis at present and that India was not planning a such a crisis because of the current political crisis. “At the moment, I don’t think there is an immediate crisis. The people of Sri Lanka are well aware of the help we have given the country,” he said.
When asked if the leaders of Sri Lanka had applied for political asylum, he replied that “our commitment is to help the people of Sri Lanka and we should not be looking into any other issue at this time. “.

Shirlene J. Manley