The impact of negative external factors is clear on QSE performance

The key Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) index lost 216.9 points at the end of the session in the second week of this month, falling to the level of 11,867 points, losing 1.790% compared to the performance of last week.
In this context, the financial analyst, Tamer Hassan, said that the Qatar Stock Exchange index this week is under the influence of external factors, underlining the importance of the cohesion of the index at levels of 11,700 points. , which is a pivotal point for the general opinion. performance of the index and in the event of a break, it will drive the index in unexpected directions.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Hassan pointed out that trading on the stock market completely ignores internal stimuli in the national economy, resulting in high growth rates estimated at 4.9 percent. during the current year, in addition to the good results of listed companies, which should be higher than those recorded in the same period last year.
The Qatar Stock Exchange’s weekly report also indicated a decline in market value at the end of the trading week to reach QR660.056 billion, from its level of QR672.056 billion last week, registering a decline. by 1.78%.
The report explains that external factors are casting a shadow over trading on the Qatar Stock Exchange, including rising interest rates and the direction of the US Federal Reserve to raise them at its next meeting on July 27, in addition to the high level of inflation rates which predict the entry of the American economy into a period of recession.
The report states that the value of stock trades, during the week ending today, amounted to QR 939.667 million, thanks to the sale of 261.041 million shares, which were executed after the conclusion of 38,236 transactions.
Hassan indicated that this week saw a decline in three main sectors, namely the banking sector, due to the large allocations made by Qatar National Bank on its half-profits, which impacted the performance of the sector in general. .
The industrial sector and its main companies have also been affected by the declines recorded in oil prices in the world markets, which are expected to fall to the level of $70 per barrel in the period ahead, especially with the recession hitting the major economies. world, and the real estate sector.

Shirlene J. Manley