Preventive measures of the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers protect the country’s market from external factors – analyst

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 21. The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan to restrict the movement of goods is adequate, Elshad Mammadov, deputy director of the Russian School of Economics, professor at Azerbaijan State Economic University, told Trend.

Previously, the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan adopted a resolution “On measures to regulate the export from the country of a number of basic food products included in the minimum consumption basket and goods used in their production “.

“First of all, we must think about protecting and supporting local markets in the conditions of problems and we see that similar decisions are taken in other countries in order to protect the local market from external influences and uncertainties,” said Mammadov noted.

“I believe that to ensure local food security, peace, stability and sustainability, it is necessary to pursue an effective import substitution policy. At the same time, this policy should be complemented by appropriate restrictive measures for the export of goods and capital in order to increase investment in local production and ensure the local consumer market precisely through national production,” he added.

“These solutions must be complemented by deepening regional economies, so that countries in our region complement regional economic security, especially in the area of ​​those issues that are emerging in the global economy and will exacerbate external challenges in terms of economic stability in the region,” Mammadov said.

Meanwhile, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics Ilgar Valizade also noted that restrictive measures are being introduced not only by Azerbaijan, but also by a number of other countries.

“These actions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan are justified against the background of the crisis in the global economy, caused not only by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. there are significant risks in terms of providing various states with food, basic necessities and basic food nomenclature,” he noted.

“Azerbaijan tries to think first of all about the interests of its people. Now, we are witnessing a massive purchase of food products by our state in the markets of various countries. Our country has repeatedly increased the purchase of cereals in January 2022, therefore, there is no reason to get excited in the local market, because there is no problem in this context to ensure the food chain and production and such measures have been taken for a long time”, Valizade said.

Such actions in Azerbaijan began last year in order to maximize the supply of the local market with food products, the expert added.

“Recently, considerable attention has been paid to local production. Effective measures are being taken for this purpose, in particular, in recent months Azerbaijan has purchased enough breeding livestock, food wheat stocks are at a fairly good level and the seed fund is sufficiently provided,” Valizade said.

“New agricultural lands are also being put into use, in particular, processes of construction and modernization of irrigation canals are being actively implemented in the Azerbaijani territories liberated from Armenian occupation. Fresh water reserves in the liberated territories account for 25% of the total. , and redirecting these resources to agricultural systems will increase the yield of crops, especially those grown in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan,” Valizade stressed.

Shirlene J. Manley