Outside forces try to impose people in the southwest, Akeredolu sounds the alarm

Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has sounded the alarm that some outside All Progressives Congress (APC) forces are trying to impose people as zone chiefs in the South West

Akeredolu revealed that a former chairman of the APC from Ondo State, Hon. Duerimini Isaacs Kekemeke, is the state’s preferred candidate for the position of National Vice President of the APC (South West).

Akeredolu, in a statement by State Information and Guidance Commissioner Donald Ojogo, noted that Kekemeke has his full blessing and his brother APC governors in the South West.

Ojogo in the statement said, “It should be noted that critical South West stakeholders had previously microzoned the posts that were brought into the area. Among these were the national vice president who was retained in Ondo and the secretary who was microzoned on the Oyo/Osun axis.

“In short, Kekemeke’s aspiration is not just an Ondo project; it’s a southwestern project. He paid his dues and that is exactly what the Governor rallied his colleagues to reciprocate.

“Those who peddle other stories such as National Secretary outside the axis Oyo and Osun are instruments in the hands of outside forces eager to create division among the South West leadership in order to impose people on the left.

“To emphasize, what we are looking for is the national vice-president with Kekemeke as the candidate and not the national secretary. Those outside the South West who attempt to microzone our offices for us in the South West are only creating unnecessary confusion and any such swapping outside of the decision of South West stakeholders should be ignored.

Shirlene J. Manley