Outdoor events are subject to approval by health authorities – Curia clarifies

Photo by: Carl Farrugia

Tista ‘taqra bil-

External religious events are allowed when approved by health authorities, the Archbishop’s Curia said, adding that its guidelines for religious activities are only limited to events held in churches or other places of worship.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, the Curia explained that it allows outdoor activities such as religious processions, which are approved by health authorities.

The Church said it was in talks with health authorities and other stakeholders such as the Għaqda Nazzjonali Każini tal-Banda.

The Archdiocese of Malta issued a statement in May saying that parish and other religious holidays held inside churches can be celebrated on the same day and in full compliance with measures imposed by health authorities.

In the same press release, the Curia indicated that external events, which are normally organized by the Church, can only take place if they are approved by the health authorities.

Festa enthusiasts remained furious over the President’s fun run and denounced what they see as double standards when it comes to coronavirus restrictions.

The fundraising event was changed and instead was organized in the form of several walking marathons held in different cities. The multiple small-scale events have replaced the single traditional mass event which normally culminated with a large gathering in Valletta.

Earlier on Wednesday, Health Minister Chris Fearne told reporters that current Covid-19 restrictions apply to everyone when asked if certain sectors are discriminated against.

Fearne said that as long as the necessary documentation is completed and returned to health authorities while following the necessary protocols, activities can continue.

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Shirlene J. Manley