New Podcast Aims to Empower Mzansi Youth Launches

Deutsche Welle (DW), Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio team up for Africa’s first international broadcaster collaboration

An exciting new podcast focused on self-discovery for young South Africans launched today across all major platforms.

Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio will host the first podcast of its kind and provide access to the inspirational audio series – ‘Don’t Hold Back – Say It Loud’ – for as many young people in Mzansi as possible.

Deutsche Welle invested in over 20 hours of in-depth interviews with young South Africans, using a user-centric approach to address their most pressing needs. From battling debt and gender-based violence to toxic relationships and battling depression, this youth podcast covers real-world topics that matter to Mzansi’s youth.

“The data collected to produce the podcast really highlighted that young urban South Africans often feel isolated in their issues. “Don’t Hold Back – Say It Loud” was designed as an audio companion to help young people in Mzansi find their own way, but with real-world anecdotes and tips they can put into practice each month,” says Deirdre King, Managing Director of Jacaranda FM.

“Target audience interviews revealed youth demographics and psychographics that all marketers could create solutions for,” King adds.

“Don’t Hold Back – Say It Loud” targets young urbanites between the ages of 20 and 35 who are usually the star of the family (the first to have a university education). These young people feel a lot of pressure from their families who live in rural communities to start successful careers and want to learn how to develop their careers and personalities while coping with the pressures of their studies. Many under 35s already listen to podcasts to start their day with positive energy as they struggle with anxiety and depression with little or no access to professional help.

“Kagiso Media (Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio), with its high performing and sophisticated media offerings, is an ideal partner for a digital partnership. As a long-time correspondent, South Africa has become a second home to me, so I’m especially excited to launch the first-ever joint podcast in Africa right here – in Mzansi, where the pulse is pounding,” comments Claus Stäcker, Director of African Programs at Deutsche Welle.

The new podcast will be presented by a well-known health activist – Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba as she creates a safe space to discuss contentious and taboo issues that matter to young South Africans. The episodes seek to inspire and encourage listeners through the personal stories of guests, who share their stories of overcoming adversity, and in doing so, empower listeners under 35 to do the same.

In the series, Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba interviews notable South African thought leaders, activists and influencers on controversial topics who have a personal connection to each guest, whether through profession or experience.

“Having Kagiso Media as a partner was no coincidence. It is a renowned media house in South Africa, they are close to our users and have a lot of knowledge and experience in podcasting. This was confirmed during the conceptualization of the project and during the prototyping of the podcast. It is an incredible experience for which I am grateful. It has been a learning experience for me and my team working with the Kagiso Media – Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio teams. We are convinced that working with Kagiso as equal partners can only make us both successful,” comments Asumpta Lattus, Head of English for Africa at Deutsche Welle.


The format is relaxed but the content is Gucci and informative. If you think ‘Gucci’ was a reference to the Italian fashion brand, this podcast is probably not for you :). Guests are requested to bring a special snack to the studio to share with Nozibele. The food has special meaning for the guest who shares this with Nozibele as she begins to unpack the topic of the podcast episode. Each episode also features a fun, rapid-fire Q&A where the guest has 10 seconds to answer questions posed by Nozibele as she gets to know them better.

“This international podcast collaboration is the first of its kind on African soil, and we are very honored to be Deutsche Welle’s production and distribution partner in Africa. It’s also very exciting to introduce young people to an audio companion, backed by data and produced with great care,” adds King.

“Don’t Hold Back – Say It Loud” is both an audio and video production. During the launch month, Episodes 1 and 2 will be released on July 6 and July 13, respectively. Thereafter, a new episode will drop every month until the end of the first season in March 2023.

To listen, join here or visit one of your favorite podcast platforms and search Don’t hold back – say it loud.

Topics to plan

  • “How I used sport to overcome my battles with depression” with Patience Ramavhale (activist and sports coach)
  • “I optimized my life by banishing my drinking habit” with Clive Vanderwagen (coach and mentor)
  • How to Make Good Financial Choices with Bronson Friedman (Finance Guru)
  • How I fought against gender-based violence with Lonalinamandla Bawuti (anti-GBV activist)


  • Co-production of Kagiso Media (Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio) & Deutsche Welle and is the first international collaboration of broadcasters on African soil
  • The podcast is hosted at Jacaranda FM studios in Midrand, Johannesburg
  • Urban South Africans aged 20-35 are the podcast’s target audience
  • Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba, the famous YouTuber and health activist, hosts the first season
  • Topics are varied and include gender-based violence, finance, mental health, depression, and toxic relationships to name a few.
  • French language
  • Duration: 20 to 30 minutes per episode; the first season has 10 episodes
  • Publication rate: monthly on all podcast platforms

About Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba

South African presenter Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba is famous for her HIV/AIDS activism and her YouTube channel. After her own HIV diagnosis in 2013, Nozibele made it her mission to hold open conversations about her life journey with HIV.

Now a published author and respected authority on the subject, the 31-year-old’s work has been named one of YouTube’s top 15 HIV channels.

With her direct, engaging and empathetic moderating style, she is the perfect person to broach taboo topics – and to say: don’t hold back!

Jacaranda FM

Jacaranda FM broadcasts to 94.2 FM from Midrand, Gauteng and is one of the most popular radio stations with a substantial footprint across Mzansi. The station has the only bilingual commercial license in the country; broadcasting regionally in English and Afrikaans in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West Province.

Shirlene J. Manley