Link your wallet to Arc8. You can now pair your external wallet… | by GAMEE | February 2022

You can now link your external wallet (Metamask or another wallet) to your Arc8 account and see your assets in your account in both Arc8 mobile app and GAMEE web app.

  • An account can be associated with multiple wallets
  • A wallet can only be associated with one account

This means that you can associate multiple wallets to one account, but once you have done so, those wallets cannot be used for another account.

  • Reload — you can use your external wallet to top up your Arc8 Pay directly. Why would you do that? This is the easiest way to use your Polygon (!) GMEE token to play premium 1v1 battles in the Arc8 app. You don’t have to copy addresses or worry about sending tokens from one wallet to another. Instead, you just need to log in via a web application, connect your wallet and top up comfortably.
  • Play with your G-Bot — You have purchased a rather impressive and unique G-Bot NFT. And while it’s 100% safe, we understand that it’s difficult to split and send it from your wallet to Arc8 wallet to be able to play G-Bot tournaments. But now you don’t have to! Simply link your wallet to your Arc8 account and play with your G-Bots while keeping your Metamask wallet.
  • Asset overview – Easily view all your favorite assets (GMEE tokens for playing in Arc8 Pay, GMEE tokens in your wallet, NFT G-Bot) in one place – your wallet in Arc8 app or GAMEE web app
  • Don’t lose your access to G-Bots Discord — When transferring your G-Bot to Arc8 wallet to pay for Skylords tournaments, you may lose access to the G-Bots Discord server (our bot will not see the G-Bot NFT in your wallet). You can now play with your G-Bot without sending it back, so you will keep your subscription there!
  1. To visit (Don’t forget to switch to Polygon Network).
  2. Connect your wallet (steps 2 and 3 can be done in reverse order)

3. Log in to your Arc8 account (or create a new account if you don’t have one).

4. Link your wallet

  • You’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you see your profile picture in the upper right corner and a pink connected wallet card with your wallet number on the dashboard.
  • All wallets in the dashboard display the correct balance.
  • The inventory shows your G-Bots if you have them in the connected wallet. It also displays the G-Bots in your Arc8 Wallet.
  • Now just click on the “Link to Account” button, sign the message in your wallet extension and voila – you are good to go.

5. Access the Arc8 app on your mobile and check the wallet.

  • Your wallet section in Arc8 Wallet now displays your external wallet under Arc8 Pay and Arc8 Wallet. Feel free to double check the address to be sure this is the wallet you intended to use.

6. Let’s Play

  • Check your inventory. Do you see? All G-Bots from the external wallet are there.
  • You can now also choose G-Bots for your team when you enter the exclusive G-Bot Tournament and smash your opponents from the safety of your couch.

We do not guarantee the compatibility of every wallet provider and every web browser. The recommended combo is the Metamask extension in the Google Chrome browser.




Shirlene J. Manley