Internal and external aggression, the pitfall of Nigeria

When very important and sensitive national issues surface for critical analytical commentary, the national security issue usually tops the catwalk for discussion in columns like this. Such problems must have very serious internal implications and require critical attention due to their national importance.

So last week when many urgent national problems arose and it was necessary to reorganize the these security issues according to their national importance.

The hellish activities of the bandits, who became a broken bone in Nigerian throat were still raging and kidnapping in the states of Zamfara, Kaduna and Niger assuming a more dangerous dimension, despite the interminable presidential rhetoric around banditry and the promise elimination of culprits of banditry. Many believe that all presidential promises can be compared to the story of the proverbial turtle that roamed warn relatives always take revenge every time their in-laws show up but usually feign ignorance when There are an attack. Sadly, as we are about to enter the celebration of Christmas, the fear of the increase in kidnappings may not abate.

Even at that, it was a surprising development to hear that the Justice Doris Okuwobi, a judicial panel set up by the Lagos State government, was leaked and before it was confirmed the report went viral on social media. The reason for this is not exaggerated because the incident affected young Nigerians who incidentally control the social media space.

Even when the government promised to officially publish the white paper within the next two weeks. Governor Sanwo-Olu said a “white paper” would be published within the next two weeks. “This process will help us to launch the very difficult process of reconciliation, restitution, reconciliation of any affected person”,

Panel report disclosed elicited varying degrees of volatile commentary from members of government and other critical stakeholders, including international observers. Interestingly, someone also denounced the lack of compensation for the police officers killed during the siege of #endsars.

As the world waits for the the “white paper” promised to the government it is appropriate that the new panel which would script the white paper, be reprimanded with the passage of Holy Scripture in the book of Saint James Chapter 1 verse 5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all, and does not rebuke; and it will be given to him.

But may patience have its perfect work, so that you will be perfect and whole, wanting nothing. “ Meanwhile, the disclosure by the chairman of the local government of Kurmi Taraba State Region, Mr. Amamzalla John Danladi Joseph, revealed the invasion of his local government by Cameroonian soldiers who allegedly claimed to be looking for Ambazonian agitators who fled Cameroon in the heat of the clash and took refuge in certain communities in the state. Reports added that Cameroonian soldiers intimidated the inhabitants of the villages of Mairogo and Tosso. This invasion was also reinstated by the Senate of Nigeria and following the disclosure the local government toured the area along with the Commander in Charge of Battalion 93 of the Nigerian Army in the Takum Local Council area of ​​the State at the request of the State Governor, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku. That the Cameroonian military violated Nigeria boader, thus creating what is called “external aggression” is a matter of serious concern.

More worrying is the fact that this is not the first invasion of Nigerian border villages by Cameroonian soldiers. that of each country boader have an imaginary demacation and these boundaries are internationally recognized and that is why the UN expects nations to respect each country’s territorial border.

Recent internal struggles in Cameroon between the south and the north of the country, several local councils along the border states have welcomed refugees from the country.

The local councils currently observed as hosts of refugees are Takum, Ussa, Kurmi and Sardauna, among others. These fleeing agitators are at the origin of the territorial invasion and the ensuing aggression by the Cameroonian military. This should no longer be tolerated.

Bakassi’s scar is still very visible. History is full of such callous assaults. No wonder, the Nigerian Senate said on Wednesday that Nigeria’s sovereignty as a country is under threat, claiming that the Manga community in the Takum local government area in Taraba state in the northeast geopolitical zone , was attacked by separatists from Ambazonia in southern Cameroon.

When Nigerian soldiers uprooted Boko Haram terrorists in the Sambisa forest and many of them fled to neighboring countries like Chad and the Republic of Niger, Nigerian soldiers never invaded those countries to the search for those fleeing terrorists who are internationally regarded as the global enemy.

Thus, so that the Cameroonian soldiers flout international law and contemptuously invade Nigerians border villages inside Nigerian territory, with the fragile excuse of seeking to flee Ambazonian agitators should not be accepted. It is simply “an external aggression”.

Yes They were ordinary civilians who were turned into refugees following the raging civil war over the quest for independence from parts of the country, so international law guarantees them security and not the soldiers, unless they surrendered.

Invasion from the local government by Cameroonian soldiers, is a clear indication that Nigerian soldiers have their hands full, engaged in numerous internal aggressions from herders, Boko Haram terrorists, bandits, internal elections, internal roadblocks, internal agitators like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other internal security concerns. Would it be the hidden reason that could have emboldened Cameroonian soldiers to invade Nigerian territory? Were they trying to test the water and flex military muscle with Nigerian soldiers?

When the Leo is overwhelmed with many activities, even a trivial one four-legged animal like the goat who strayed into his area of ​​jurisdiction would start behaving in a funny way, even venturing to play with his beard. Nigeria should wake up from sleep and protect every one of its citizens.

Reports indicate that many innocent Nigerians languish in Cameron’s prisons. Moreover, the security agencies in Cameron are quite hostile to Nigerians. If a comprehensive study were carried out in all African states, the government would be baffled to know that hundreds of innocent Nigerians languish in prisons without crime, all because their country cares less about their fate, yet they have a president.

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Shirlene J. Manley