Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Announces Change of External Supervisors

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited announces that on June 23, 2022, the proposal for the election of Mr. Liu Lanbiao as the company’s external supervisor was considered and approved at the annual general meeting for the year 2021. In accordance with applicable regulations, Mr. Liu Lanbiao’s mandate as the Bank’s external supervisor begins after review and approval by the general meeting of shareholders for a period of three years. Liu Lanbiao, male, Chinese nationality, born in October 1966. Mr. Liu Lanbiao is currently vice-dean of the school of finance of Nankai University, member of the branch committee of the party, professor, thesis director of the Nankai University School of Finance, Co-Director at Nankai University Postdoctoral Research Station, Director of Northeast Asia Financial Cooperation Research Center at Nankai University and Nankai University School of Finance Public Debt Management Research Center. Dr. Liu has long been engaged in research in areas such as commercial bank management, monetary economics, systemic financial risk management, local government debt management, fintech and international financial cooperation. . Mr. Liu served as Vice Dean of Nankai University’s Institute of State Economics and External Supervisor of Liaoshen Bank Co. Ltd. MOF Debt Research and Assessment Center, Member of China Financial Standardization Technical Committee, Deputy Director of Asia-Pacific Profession Committee of China Association for Research on Analysis of Social and Economic Systems, Independent Director of NYOCOR Co., Ltd, Expert in chief for the key special program “Research on China’s Debt Crisis Prevention and Management and Effective Mitigation Measures” under the National Social Science Fund of China. Mr. Liu Lanbiao holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Nankai University. Mr. Liu Lanbiao has not held any directorships in listed companies. Mr. Liu Lanbiao has not held any directorships in listed companies in the past three years, nor any position within the Bank or any of the Bank’s subsidiaries. In addition, Mr. Liu Lanbiao has no affiliation or relationship of interest with directors, other supervisors, members of senior management, significant shareholders or controlling shareholders of the Bank, he is not disqualified from being a supervisor in a publicly traded company in accordance with Rule 3.2.2. Self-Regulatory Guidelines No. 1 for Listed Companies of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Mr. Shen Bingxi, External Supervisor of the Bank, has ceased to perform his duties as External Supervisor of the Bank due to the expiry of his mandate. Mr. Shen Bingxi confirmed that he had no disagreement with the Bank’s Supervisory Board and that there were no issues relating to his retirement that needed to be brought to the attention of the Bank’s shareholders.

Shirlene J. Manley