Indian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Culture Meenakshi Lekhi speaks with LPU students

Indian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Smt Meenakshi Lekhi, visited the Lovely Professional University campus today, where she interacted with young people from LPU, both students and staff . The occasion was the mega start of the New Year 2022 with the start of a series of interactive ‘Youth Talk’ sessions to be addressed by prominent guests. These interactions should allow young LPUs to express their opinions for a better society. Today’s two-hour session with Honorable Minister Ms. Lekhi took place at the Shanti Devi Mittal auditorium of the university, for the problems posed on the spot and the solutions suggested. have immense energy to effect change. Personally, I believe that only young people can bring about changes in society because they spark the most productive and creative ideas. ”

Speaking of politics and democracy, she explained that politicians do a lot of work to maintain democracy. Leaders must produce true results because they are elected by ordinary people. She also shared, “Everything we do should be for the good of everyone in the world. Cooperation is India’s strength, so by virtue of its esteemed value system, young people should come forward for share, care and focus on good deeds for all. The actions of our great leaders guide us to make the country shine with good values. Every small righteous action of ours can be a big contribution. We must make small righteous actions together to stay connected. learn from mistakes; and use less energy for efficient work. For the COVID pandemic which is on the rise again, she spoke of India’s help to 172 countries and pleaded all to strengthen their immune system.

When asked why she got involved in politics, she replied that she always wanted to see changes in society, so she was in it. The character of a leader should talk about himself, whether he is good or bad. She explained that small things with big impacts make a big difference to an increase. Here, speaking about various small facilities like water, sanitation etc., Minister Smt Lekhi also congratulated the LPU campus for its “Swachhta”. She also congratulated LPU for its various wonderful achievements in various fields. Wishing everyone a very progressive year ahead, she vowed to visit the LPU campus again to have a good time for more such fruitful interactions. Supreme Court lawyer Minister Smt Meenakshi Lekhi has debated several issues on television broadcasts and in articles.

With a degree in science and law, she attended various NHRC conferences and gender training programs with various government departments. She was also a member of the drafting committee of the “Women’s Reservation Bill” and the “Workplace Sexual Harassment Problem”. Prior to that, while welcoming the elite guest to the campus, Chancellor M. and briefed her on various illustrious achievements made by the university in various fields, be it Olympics, international and rankings, sports , research and more. Mr Mittal also shared his happiness to have LPU’s vast international and cultural connectivity with both departments of the Ministry of External Affairs and Culture, as many international and national students learn at LPU by sharing their diverse cultures with each other. with the others. He predicted that the magnanimous facets of the minister’s life would indeed motivate LPU students.

Shirlene J. Manley