Foreign Minister’s tweet about Sri Lanka is fake

A screenshot of a tweet purportedly from Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar saying they want to integrate Sri Lanka with India, in exchange for help, has gone viral.

By Misha Rajani Published on April 23, 2022 3:35 p.m. GMT

Foreign ministers' tweet on Sri Lanka is fake

HYDERABAD: A screenshot of a tweet purportedly from Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar saying they want to make Sri Lanka part of India, in return for aid, has gone viral.

“If the people of Sri Lanka agree, India is ready to declare Sri Lanka to be the state of India. As a result, India will be able to solve the problem of gas, fuel , milk, food, fertilizers and many other essential problems facing the country. Moreover, India will also take care of all future problems of Sri Lanka,” reads the purported tweet.


At first glance, several deviations can be noticed. The text contains several grammatical, syntactic and punctuation errors that are not common. There is no comma between the words “milk” and “food”. The phrase “a hand of survival for the people of Sri Lanka” is grammatically incorrect. A tweet can contain a maximum of 280 characters. The viral screenshot contains 390 characters which are technically impossible.

Dr S Jaishankar’s official handle nor his tweets archived in the Wayback machine also reflected the viral tweet. If such a tweet had been made, it would have been reflected. No news report that could support this claim was found either.

Moreover, the High Commission of India in Colombo, Sri Lanka refuted the viral tweet calling it fake. “It is completely false and fabricated. We strongly deny its malicious content.”

It is clear that the alleged tweet attributed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs is false

Examination of the complaint:Via a tweet, Indian Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar said India wanted to make Sri Lanka a part of itself, in return for financial aid.
Claimed by:Social media users
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Verification of the facts of the claim:Fake

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