Flowics adds new data connectors for easy integration of external live data into broadcast graphs

Flowics today announced several new additions to its data connector catalog. This move expands the range of native live external data integrations that can directly populate broadcast graphs created with Flowics’ cloud-based engine.

Data connectors are native integrations of external third-party data providers, built into Flowics Graphics. They allow live external data – such as live sports statistics or betting, weather, finance and cryptocurrency data – to be integrated into broadcast graphics without the time and expense of a developer. custom or manual data entry. Instead, data flows transparently from third parties to Flowics Graphics and designated cloud-based graphics files as noted. In this way, users can create state-of-the-art live graphics with the value-added information audiences expect, all in minutes and with little knowledge of graphic production.

In addition to its already robust library of data connectors, including BetMGM, Sportradar, Stats Perform, and The Weather Channel, among other native integrations, Flowics has expanded it with the following new integrations:

Apex Legends, free battle royale hero shooter, published by Electronic Arts
CoinStats, Financial Information Provider for Crypto Assets
Race timing and tracking providers Matsport, MSO and RTRT.me
OpenWeather, an open API for global weather data
Polygon.io, provider of financial and stock market data
PUBG, an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Studios
Rouvy, a virtual bike application

Additionally, the Flowics solution is flexible enough for the data connector architecture to integrate on-premises data sources through the Flowics middleware. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for users dealing with data sources that are only available on a local network and not on the Internet. For example, in recent implementations of the Matsport and Apex Legends connectors, users have relied on instances of Flowics Middleware to transfer local data in JSON and XML formats to Flowics Graphics to generate real-time graphics with live leaderboards. direct, GPS information, etc.

Data connectors are add-ons to a Flowics Graphics subscription. Flowics subscribers who want to integrate third-party data can choose as many connectors as they need.

“Time and time again, our customers have told us how expensive and time-consuming it is to create custom solutions to integrate live external data into their charts. That’s why we created data connectors, and customers have said that’s what sets Flowics apart from its competitors,” said CEO and Founder of Flowics Gabriel Baños. “Thanks to user feedback, we grew the catalog quickly and we’re very pleased with the uptake we’re seeing.”

Shirlene J. Manley