Fact check: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s tweet proposing to absorb Sri Lanka into India is FALSE

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister GL Peiris announced on April 20 that India would provide the struggling island nation with an additional $500 million in financial aid to buy fuel. This will be India’s second $500 million fuel credit to a Sri Lankan government struggling with the country’s devastating financial crisis.

Amid this, a screenshot of a tweet purportedly from Indian Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar has gone viral. The viral image claims that India wants to make Sri Lanka part of itself, in return for resolving its economic crisis.

This supposed tweet read: “If the people of Sri Lanka agree, India is ready to proclaim that Sri Lanka will become a state of India”.

He also said, “As a result, India will be able to solve the problems of gas, fuel, dairy products, fertilizers and many other essentials facing the country. Moreover, India will also take care of all future problems of Sri Lanka,” adding, “India is reaching out for the survival of the people of Sri Lanka.

The viral image of the tweet features Jaishankar’s profile picture and the blue verified tick. Many Facebook and Twitter users shared it, apparently thinking it was a genuine statement by India’s External Affairs Minister.

The India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found the tweet to be fake. Jaishankar made no such assertion.

Viral messages are archived here and here.

AFWA probe

Looking carefully at the viral screenshot, we noticed some striking anomalies.

First, the language in the supposed tweet. There are glaring errors in grammar, syntax and punctuation that are hardly expected on the Twitter account of an Indian external affairs minister who also served the nation as a diplomat.

For example, there is no comma between the words “milk” and “food”. Phrases such as “If the people of Sri Lanka agree, India is willing” or “a hand of survival to the people of Sri Lanka” are grammatically incorrect.

Second, we know that a tweet can contain a maximum of 280 characters. The virus screenshot text is 390 characters, however — this is technically not possible.

We searched archived tweets from Dr S Jaishankar in the Wayback machine and did not find the viral tweet. If he had shared this, it would have been reflected in the archives.

Finally, the Center clarified that the viral image had been digitally altered. The official handle of the High Commission of India in Colombo, Sri Lanka, tweeted: “We have seen a morphed image purporting to be from the External Affairs Minister’s Twitter handle @DrSJaishankar. It is completely fake and fabricated. We strongly deny its malicious content. Such malicious attempts by desperate parties will never succeed in affecting the close, friendly and age-old ties between #India and #SriLanka. »

We also searched for news reports of the Minister of External Affairs making such a statement and found no such media.

Thus, we concluded that such a statement was not posted by Jaishankar on his Twitter account, or anywhere else for that matter.

(with contributions by Yash Mittal)

ClaimIndia’s External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar tweeted that India wants to bring Sri Lanka into the country and in return offered to resolve its financial crisis.ConclusionThe viral screenshot of the tweet has been digitally altered. Jaishankar has not tweeted anything like this regarding Sri Lanka.


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