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New Delhi, April 2: Amid growing concerns over pending Russian arms imports, delivery of spare parts and maintenance of existing ones, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that “external conditions affected the serviceability of critical weapons and equipment”. “In view of the events of the past few years, our government has emphasized self-reliance in defense production and preparation. These days, we have witnessed many challenges in securing supply lines. External conditions affected the operational status of critical weapons and equipment. Therefore, stepping up self defense efforts is the greatest need of the hour,” said Rajnath Singh. The Defense Minister was addressing the Diamond Jubilee Conclave from the Chetak Helicopter in Hyderabad. The Chetak helicopter has completed 60 years of service in the Indian Armed Forces inventory. The Indian Air Force is believed to have postponed India’s big show of firepower, Exercise Vayu Shakti 2022, which was to be held at the Pokhran Test Facility near Bikaner on the 7th March in order to preserve its reserves of Russian origin given the uncertainty of imports due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. and Western sanctions. “We have not been able to progress at the expected rate in the defense production sector. Our dependence on other countries for defense needs has steadily increased in the past. The task of protecting a huge country like India cannot long be left to other countries. We have to strengthen our own shoulders to protect ourselves,” Rajnath Singh said of attempts to indigenize defense equipment. Rajnath Singh said the government was getting positive responses from services, research and development organizations and industries in the public and private sectors. “Our MSMEs, start-ups, innovators and academics are exploring new avenues of defense production together,” he said. He said that to become a world leader, India needed to move forward in designing its own 10-ton Indian multi-role helicopter. “It has huge market potential on the one hand, and it’s also an important requirement for our own forces on the other,” he said. The minister said that according to one estimate, there is a demand for more than a thousand civilian helicopters in India and an equal number of helicopters in the military sector. “This is huge potential in the helicopter market, which we must continue to exploit,” he said. ASUSY 1425

Shirlene J. Manley