External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar visits Food Street in Bangalore

On August 20, food blogger Kripal Amanna posted a Food Walk video on his YouTube channel featuring none other than External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar. The video was from the minister’s visit to Bengaluru on August 12, and he had shared his experience on his Twitter account that day.

The minister wrote: “I visited Bengaluru’s famous food street VV Puram with famous food blogger Kripal Amanna. A real treat for the senses and a repository of the city’s culinary history. And a special occasion to celebrate #HarGharTiranga.

VV Puran food street, also known as “Thindi Beedi”, is one of the most popular destinations for street food lovers in Bangalore. Dr S Jaishankar was due to visit the food street for a little food walk, and popular food blogger Kripal Amanna joined him to bring the minister to taste the best dishes and tell some stories behind the dishes, the food street food and food joints.

During the gourmet walk, Kripal suggested different food products to the Minister and explained the cultural history of the place as well as the food. “An absolute honor to spend an evening with our esteemed External Affairs Minister, Shri Dr S Jaishankar, discussing most things food related. Grateful to the universe who conspired to make this happen,” Kripal wrote .

The Minister of Higher Education, Informatics and Information Technology, Science and Technology of Karnataka, Dr. Ashwathnarayan CN, accompanied Dr. S Jaishankar on the food walk. He wrote, “Good food and interesting conversation are eternal ways that can create memorable moments! We had a great time with Minister of External Affairs of India, Dr S Jaishankar avaru and food blogger Kripal Amanna avaru at famous VV Puram Food Street, Bengaluru.

During the food walk, the union minister, Dr. Jaishankar tasted several dishes including Holige, Gudbud, Avacado milkshake, dried fruit milkshake, ice cream, etc. He also distributed national flags to traders under the “Har Ghar Tiranga” program.

Importance of food tourism and how a minister’s visit can make a difference

During the food walk, Dr. Jaishankar explained that tourism is one of the most revenue generating sections across the world. It is essential to promote such places where tourists can find local delicacies when visiting the cities. Not only foreign tourists but also Indian tourists should also be aware of where to find local delicacies.

It is a well-known fact that the Indian culinary scene is beyond anyone’s imagination, but it lacks the support and promotion it deserves. It is almost impossible for a tourist to know the local food without proper promotions. Food bloggers like Kripal do an amazing job promoting authentic local food.

However, when a union minister visits a local food street and explores the delicacies while learning about the history and culture of food, it makes a big difference and helps promote local entrepreneurs in the food industry.

One of the interesting things about this particular food walk was that Kripal mentioned that the butter used by the street cooks was not bought at the market but bought from nearby villages. The Minister mentioned that he could smell the difference in taste. When someone eats food from these stores, they are not only supporting local food stall owners, but also local dairies, farmers and other entrepreneurs involved in providing raw materials for food preparations. This has a great impact on the local economy.

Shirlene J. Manley