ESG and external whistleblowing – The ideal solution

Environmental, Social, Governance – or ESG as it is more commonly known – is helping to change the world.

There is growing recognition that businesses and organizations can and indeed should have a moral dimension in their decision-making.

Indeed, ESG is driven by society, and society is both the workforce and the investors in companies.

The person with a passion for saving the environment may be the same person working alongside you in your organization.

The person investing may be the same person who cares about the ethical sourcing of materials and manufacturing that your organization uses.

ESG has therefore become increasingly relevant in recent years.

What is ESG?

In simple terms, ESG is a set of standards that measure the impact of a company or organization on society, the environment and the transparency and accountability of the company in the way it manages this impact.

For instance, Legal debenture – our parent company – in 2020, when considering long-term decision-making for retirement investments, considered the weight of emerging evidence of global warming, the Declaration of Climate Emergencies, the Accord of Paris, as well as increasing public awareness and engagement on the issue, and led the charge on sustainable practices for the long-term benefit of their pension plan members1.

There was no conflict of interest. It was about recognizing risks and mitigating them in a way that was beneficial not only to their investors, but also to society and the world at large.

Essentially, that’s what ESG is…having a moral compass that’s guided in doing what’s right, within the bounds of the law, for the perceived good of society, while achieving a positive outcome for employees, customers, investors and owners.

Governance 2022

And that’s why Safecall – a vendor and whistleblower hotline provider – is a silver sponsor and exhibitor at Governance 2022.

The Governance 2022 event in July is hosted by the Chartered Governance Institute for the UK and Irelandwhose audience is mainly made up of Legal Directors, Company Secretaries, Managers and HR Managers, and who are very interested in the UK corporate governance code and how to implement ESG in their organization.

It is the ideal solution for Safecall because our external alert services are designed to integrate seamlessly with all ESG policies, with minimal hassle.

We can often set up an employee helpline within 24 hours of the customer identifying their contact information.

There are no internal overheads, no HR structural changes, no technology implementations needed.

In addition, we already work with more than 850 national and international companies, in 150 countries across the UK, EU, Europe and globally, covering more than 2.5 million employees in more than 2,000 offices and workplaces.

So we can really help participants have a real impact on their ESG.

See Safecall on booth 10

Staggers Blakey and Chris Boyle of Safecall will be on our stand the two days of the Governance 2022 conference in London.

If you’re attending, why not drop by and say hello. We are happy to discuss any aspect of ESG and whistleblowing.

Our profile page for the event is

About Safecall ltd

Safecall is an outsourced provider of hotlines for businesses and organizations worldwide.

For over 20 years, we have provided a specialist, independent service that helps protect businesses and keep employees safe.

We have a people-oriented philosophy, with all of our call handlers having first-hand experience of reported issues. We pride ourselves on our style, which is conversational and empathetic. None of our calls are scripted and we are experts in taking high quality reports.

Safecall works from a UK call center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. At the service of companies UK, Europe and over 150 countries around the world, conversing in over 170 different languages.

We help businesses and organizations that want to tackle a variety of whistleblower issues including potential racism, sexism, fraud, discrimination, corruption, health and safety violations, modern slavery, bullying and violence at work.

We also offer highly skilled survey training and tailored support that utilizes our expertise.

We are proud to be a Legal debenture company. Legal debenture was founded in 1889 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. He is recognized globally for his expertise in long-standing investment trusts and is a leading provider of independent governance and transactional support services. Clients include large corporations, law firms, banks or funds, private equity, SMEs, hedge funds, start-ups and private clients.



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