Communication and Engagement Manager (External) job at DURHAM UNIVERSITY

Durham University has an ambitious 10-year strategy (2017-2027) to achieve its goals of becoming the global leader in research, education, and student experience at large. The successful implementation of the strategy depends in part on our approach to promoting the University with regard to:

  • potential candidates for our study programs;
  • potential partners in teaching and research;
  • current and potential collaborators in business and industry;
  • current and future alumni;
  • potential employers of our graduates;
  • national and international decision-makers and influencers.

The overriding ambition is to achieve a radical change in the reputation and reputation of Durham University on a global scale.

The position will report to the Marketing and Communications Office and report directly to the Senior Director, Communications and Engagement (external). The responsibility of the marketing and communications office is to develop and deliver, among other things:

  1. market our programs and help recruit national and international students;
  2. University promotion and engagement management with multiple stakeholders and influencers at local, national and international levels;
  3. promotion of the University’s brand and proactive management of its global reputation.

The incumbent will work within the marketing and communications office in collaboration with:

  • Other communications and engagement colleagues (external and internal) Colleagues in the marketing team.

Shirlene J. Manley