Belarusian BelAZ is not affected by the lack of imports and external factors

MINSK, July 5 (BelTA) — Products produced by BelAZ are now absolutely import substituted and unaffected by external factors. General Director of the Belarusian automotive engineering company OAO BelAZ, Sergei Nikiforovich, made the statement at a conference held within the framework of the international industrial exhibition Innoprom in Yekaterinburg, Russia, BelTA has learned.

Sergei Nikiforovich said: “Independence is not just a status. It is something that must be defended every hour, every minute. And the possibility of import substitution is one of the components of the country’s independence. Having faced the negative influence of the so-called collective West, our company now routinely deals with all import substitution issues.

BelAZ CEO noted that the process is very complicated and serious. “We must move forward in all directions: banking and finance, logistics, manufacturing cooperation, factories and equipment, tools, software. But taking great responsibility, we made some important design and technology decisions and achieved some pretty serious success. That is why today our product is absolutely substituted for imports and is not affected by external factors.

In his words, the company mainly targets its end consumers so that they can use BelAZ vehicles without any problems throughout their life cycle. “Apart from this, as part of the implementation of the import substitution program, we are simultaneously developing our suppliers, material and component developers,” the general manager pointed out.

Sergei Nikiforovich said: “A forum of Belarusian and Russian regions took place in our country last week. During the forum, BelAZ presented a completely new transport truck from the point of view of design and operational capabilities with a carrying capacity of 130 tons. It is a hybrid dump truck powered by drive batteries and a mass-produced Russian engine. The drive, generator, electric drive motor and high-strength metal are Russian-made. The software and design solutions are ours, for example, the motorized wheel reducer, etc. So this new transport truck is 100% Belarusian-Russian.

The joint stock company (OAO) BelAZ is the management company of the holding company BelAZ. BelAZ is the world’s largest manufacturer of dumpers and transport equipment for the mining industry and the civil engineering industry. BelAZ occupies about 30% of the world market for transport trucks with extremely large load capacity. The company manufactures the largest transport truck in the world with a load capacity of 450 tons.

Shirlene J. Manley