Amazon expands to external online stores


Amazon leaves its market and enters into competition with Shopify: Merchants can now also use Amazon’s services in their own online store.

Prime, without Amazon

Get free Amazon shipping, pay through Amazon, enjoy Prime perks, but don’t get lost in the e-commerce giant’s massive shopping platform. This is what “Buy with Prime” promises in the USA: retailers and brands can now link their own online shops to the Amazon system.

Online stores offering the service can be recognized by a Prime logo on their site. Consumers will immediately see the expected delivery date for affected products, and they can pay with Amazon Pay and use Amazon’s fulfillment network to have their orders delivered. Buying with Prime additionally guarantees free returns.

By invitation only

“Buying with Prime is easy to add to most existing direct-to-consumer online stores, and will be rolled out by invitation only until 2022reads on the company’s blog. Initially, only retailers using Fulfillment by Amazon are invited, but later merchants and brands not selling on Amazon can also register.

This first batch of retailers will be able to add Buy with Prime to their online store in minutes, as their stock is already stocked in Amazon’s warehouses anyway. However, merchants now get order information from customers, including their email addresses, so they can communicate directly and have their own customer data.

In response to Shopify

With this new service, Amazon wants to attract brands and retailers who value their own online shopping experience and environment. In doing so, the Seattle giant is competing more directly with Shopify, which makes it easy for brands and independent retailers to run their own online store. Shopify is growing in popularity as an alternative to Amazon’s “one size fits all”.

Additionally, Prime members, who pay a flat fee to Amazon, have more options with their subscription. Of course, the company hopes to retain and attract even more paying members this way. In the United States, almost three-quarters of all households are said to have a Prime subscription.

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Amazon exits its market and competes with Shopify: merchants can now also use Amazon’s services on their own online store.

Shirlene J. Manley