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With Sri Lanka’s current economic and political crisis, the country has also become a major topic of discussion within the international diplomatic community. India has offered some relief to Sri Lanka, including a line of credit and financial aid to help resolve the fuel crisis in the country.

In this context, there has been a flurry of claims on social media targeting Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar and attributing a fake Twitter post to the Minister, in relation to Sri Lanka. Here is our investigation into these allegations.

Social media posts

A WhatsApp transmission of a Tweet, allegedly posted by the official account of India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankara, claimed that India was ready to proclaim Sri Lanka an Indian state, if the people of Sri- Lankan found him in agreement. Tweet went on to say that in return, India is ready to help Sri Lanka out of its economic stalemate by solving the food, fertilizer, fuel and many other problems the country is facing. currently facing and would deal with all future problems of Sri Lanka. as well.

Below is a screenshot of the viral Tweet.

We noticed a few Facebook posts bearing the same image of the alleged Twitter post.

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Fact check

We searched Dr. Jaishankar official Twitter account and we couldn’t find any Tweets related to the alleged post that went viral in Sri Lanka. After that, we checked if there were any such archived tweets similar to viral claims on social media and were also unable to find any archived versions.

We have contacted the Office of the Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka who also denied the viral message and had issued the following statement stating that these fake and fabricated images are malicious attempts by desperate parties and would never succeed in affecting the close ties, friendly and secular between #India and #Sri Lanka.

Tweet 1 | Tweet2

There are also obvious flaws in this transformed viral image. In particular, there are grammatical errors in the displayed text. Moreover, it exceeds the text limit for a legitimate Twitter post. We have tried to reproduce the text displayed in the viral Tweet and, as shown below, we were unable to obtain the full text displayed in the viral image in the Tweet, which is a key sign that the image is made.

The excessive text part is highlighted in pink because the maximum character length of a Tweet is limited to 280 characters, more on this here.

We then looked at recent news stories about India and Sri Lanka and found that in addition to the line of credit offered to Sri Lanka earlier in April, India again offered an additional $500 million financial aid dollars to help tackle the current fuel crisis. as reported here. Other reports on India’s recent aid to Sri Lanka can be read here, here and hereand Dr. Jaishankar has been a key member of bilateral discussions between the two countries.

here is a video of the Indian Foreign Minister speaking in the Lok Sabha, on India’s aid to Sri Lanka. In neither of these cases have we also found a statement from Dr. Jaishankar, to the one mentioned in the viral tweet message.

Meanwhile, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, also appreciated India’s aid to its neighbor Sri Lanka, in the midst of an economic crisis.

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According to our investigation, we found that the viral image of a Tweet supposedly posted from the official Twitter account of India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr Jaishankar, claiming that India is willing to help solve problems in Sri Lanka on the condition that they agree to be declared a state of India, is wrong. The image is digitally manipulated and Dr. Jaishankar has not expressed such a view either.


Title:A tweet from the Indian Minister of External Affairs to express his desire to proclaim SL as a state of India? Find out the truth…

Fact check by: Kalana Krishantha

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